The Definitive Ranking of the Funniest Late Night Talk Show Videos

We rank the funniest videos in late night from all your favorite hosts.

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Late night talk shows are known for having some of the best interviews and skits on television. Between Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, Chelsea Handler, and handful of other successful men and women behind a desk, it's no wonder millions of people stay up late to watch them. Not only do they come up with some of the most original material around, but they have become a force on YouTube with tons of videos out there that could keep you laughing for days. Which ones are the best? Don't worry, we've figured out that part for you. Here is The Definitive Ranking Of The Funniest Late Night Talk Show Videos.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

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Celebrities have feelings too, right? Watch as these celebrities read mean tweets written to them. You can't help but feel a little bad...while laughing. A lot.

Brian Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"

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We should all write a special thank you not to Jimmy Fallon for creating undoubtedly one of the best late night videos ever. When you take Brian Williams and make him rap without his knowledge, it becomes gold.

Chuy's Halloween Idoims

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If you've ever wondered about the real meaning behind Halloween, watch this video. Chuy has the answers to everything.

Adam Sandler Hunts Down Conan In LA

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This video makes us remember the old school "Billy Madison" Sandler we all love. You know, just running down the street causing chaos.

Chuy's Thanksgiving Idoims

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Chelsea Handler's sidekick Chuy should get a show of his own. He has the best one-liners of anyone in late night.

Ice Cube Kevin Hart Conan Share A Lyft

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What happens when these three get a lyft together? Magic.

Chelsea Handler And Conan O'Brien

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Quite possibly the funniest duo skit to hit late night. Between Chelsea Handler and Conan O'Brien there's no chance that you won't laugh.

Jon Stewart Defends NY Pizza

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Because nothing is more New York than a good slice of pizza. If you like deep dish, go to Chicago and swim in a marinara pool.

The Evolution Of Mom Dancing

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Nothing is more embarrassing than your mom dancing. Maybe it's the mom jeans or the outdated moves. Either way, the First Lady and Jimmy Fallon give it a good try.

Lie Witness News

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This could possibly be the reason people hate hipsters. For whatever reason they feel the constant need to know everything about everything. Even if they actually look like morons in the process.

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