'Confused Face' Meme Girl Keisha Johnson Suing Instagram For $500 Million [UPDATE]

The teenage girl behind the famous Confused Face meme is suing Instagram for half a billion dollars.

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Memes are to Instagram as videos are to Vine: a complete necessity. If you sift through the selfies, food porn, and dog photos, you get to see to heart of what Instagram really is…hilarious memes. Nobody knows this more than Alabama teen Keisha Johnson, whose face was made a staple of Instagram not too long ago.

Johnson’s confused “WTF-face” was appropriate for almost any occasion, and the social media platform quickly took notice. The now infamous “WTF-face” was posted onto thousands and thousands of memes. Granted, it’s understandable that Johnson wasn't too pleased with her picture going viral given that it wasn’t the best photo of her.  Johnson, also known as the “confused girl,” is now suing Instagram for $500 million for defamation of character. Johnson states, “My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up…I look nothing like that in really life…I’m really a bad b*tch!”

Too bad suing the company isn’t actually going to work. Remember those pesky “terms and conditions” nobody actually reads? Well, in Instagram's case they state that the users of the social network are responsible for the content they share.

So, in reality, Johnson should be suing her friend who uploaded the picture. Technically she is the one responsible for starting the “confused girl” movement.

 [UPDATE] - Story looks to be a HOAX since it was originally posted on THIS satire site. 

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