'Get Out' Is Now the Highest Grossing Feature Debut for a Writer/Director of an Original Screenplay

'Get Out' has become the highest grossing feature debut for a writer/director of an original screenplay.

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In addition to all the accolades, positive word of mouth, and outstanding reviews that have led to a 99 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Get Out has generated a butt-load of money that has secured it a pretty prestigious spot in the cinema record books.

What specific record is that you ask? The one mentioned in the headline? Uh, yeah, that's the one, as Jordan Peele's mystery/thriller/horror flick has gone over the $150 million mark in domestic sales, surpassing 1999's The Blair Witch Project as the highest-grossing debut for a writer-director based on an original screenplay in the process. In case you were wondering, The Blair Witch Project brought in a shade over $140 million in U.S. box office dough. If you want, feel free to point out that that translates into $206+ million when you adjust for inflation. It's still a damn big success.

Just like Blair Witch, Get Out was put together for relatively cheap, costing less than $5 million to produce. In its opening weekend at theaters it racked up over $33 million in receipts, and is still going strong even as you read this.

After the phenomenal success of Get Out, Peele is said to currently be in negotiations to direct a live-action remake of the 1988 animated feature Akira.

Even if he doesn't end up doing that, we're pretty sure he's going to have plenty of other options. Stay tuned on that front.

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