NYC Subway Passenger Videotaped Casually Texting With Snakes Around His Neck

Man carried two snakes on his neck while riding the F train.

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You can witness a great number of things on the subway in New York City—snake charmers and people who are very intent on texting, for example. This guy is both. The Gothamist posted this video, taken by a passenger riding the F train, of a man very casually texting with two snakes around his neck.

In the video, another guy on the train tries to breaks the ice with some light trivia. "I read online a few weeks ago that there was a bag of snakes left on the F train," he said. "Somebody left them?" answered the only man on that train qualified to talk about that bringing-snakes-on-the-train life. "Wow."

The woman who was taking the video started to ask him questions about the snakes—what happens if they smell perfume, are they related—and getting answers. (They don't like it and recoil; they aren't related but they are romantically involved.) It might have been more than she wanted to know.

The Gothamist notes that it's illegal for MTA passengers to bring animals onboard, unless they're in a container and brought on "in a manner which would not annoy other passengers." It's not an issue yet—but considering this history of reptiles chilling on the F train, we'll check back in a year from now. 

[via Gothamist]

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