Chris Brown Gets Punk'd By 9-Year-Old Girl in New 'Punk'd' Clip

Watch Chris Brown and French Montana get freaked out by a 9-year-old girl on a new episode of 'Punk'd.'

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Punk'd is coming back, and their first victims are Chris Brown and French Montana. The show, which is getting a reboot on BET, sets out to freak out C Breezy and French by bringing a 9-year-old girl to their set. It starts out innocently enough, with the young girl telling Brown she's a big fan and offering to give him dance tips—but when French begins to ask her where her parents are, it's like one of those scenes out of a psychological thriller like Shutter Island where the lies keep building up and you don't know who you can trust anymore. Props to this budding actress—girl can keep a straight face.

Punk'd has been terrorizing celebrities (including others like A$AP Rocky and Miguel) for some time now, but new episodes air for all to see on August 18, 10:30 p.m. on BET. Get a sneak peak of Chris Brown and French spazzing out in the video above, and witness their uncomfortable jokes about Amber alerts (to which the girl responds, "What's an Amber alert?"). Horror ensues.

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