Rick Perry Thinks We Need More Guns in Theaters

Rick Perry suggests the answer to preventing shootings is to put guns in the hands of more people.

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Presidential candidate Rick Perry suggested in an interview with CNN that the answer to preventing shootings like the ones in Lafayette and Charleston is to allow other moviegoers to carry guns. "It makes a lot of sense," he said, to start rethinking the idea of gun-free zones in America.


The former Texas governor argued that if we respect the Second Amendment, more people should be allowed to carry guns in public to defend themselves and their families. 

He also argued that tragedies like Lafayette, in which the law didn't stop a person with a history of mental illness from obtaining a gun, happen because the law is not being enforced. "Someone didn't do their job in the standpoint of enforcing laws that are on the books," he said. 

And while his host, Jake Tapper, said that perhaps there is no law that could "have kept a gun out of the hands of the shooter," Perry said he believes "with all my heart" that putting guns in the hands of more people could have stopped those kinds of shootings. 

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