Obama Will Join Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' for the Last Time Next Week

Obama will guest-star on the 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart one last time on July 21.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Leader of the free world Barack Obama will appear on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as the host next week, on Tuesday, July 21. 

This will be Obama's seventh time on the show, and his third since he became El Presidente. We imagine the dynamic duo will spend most of their time discussing the intricacies Iran nuclear deal and the upcoming hurdle of getting it approved by a very Republican Congress. Just kidding, we imagine it'll be mostly jokes.

The Wrap has a round-up of all his guest-star moments here. Jon Stewart's last episode as host before Trevor Noah takes over airs Thursday, August 6. Noah takes over as the new face of the talk show on September 28. 

Remember to give him a chance, OK?

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