More 'Arrested Development' Coming in 2016

The fifth season of 'Arrested Development' is set to air in the spring of 2016.

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Let's say it once, all together now, and then put a moratorium on the joke: There's always money in the banana stand. Awesome, feel better? Good! Arrested Development is coming back to Netflix in 2016. 

We already heard last month that there will be 17 more episodes of the kooky black comedy; producer Brian Grazer reiterated that on the Adam Carolla Show podcast today. "Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we're going to do more episodes," said Grazier. He also mentioned that production starts January 1 of next year, and new episodes will air "four months after that."

Hopefully it doesn't follow the structure of the fourth season, which was wasn't hugely popular, especially among those who really loved the first three. Grazier has yet to comment on that, though, so maybe there's hope for reviving the series after that slump.


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