Lindsay Lohan Will Not Stoop so Low as to Do Burger King Commercial, Thank You

Lindsay Lohan turned down a role in a Burger King commercial.

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The last time Lindsay Lohan had an acting role on TV was over a year ago, when she guest-starred on 2 Broke Girls, but that didn't stop Lohan from recently saying no to a Burger King commercial in which she would have to dress up like a box of Chicken Fries, reports Page Six. 

The fast-food chain approached Lohan and asked if she would "wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box, smoke a chicken fry like a cigarette, and vamp a 'spicy' monologue," for a new commercial.

Lohan, perhaps picking up on the fact that sounds like the weirdest commercial ever, turned it down. When her managers suggested other ideas, though, Burger King backed out.

One source told Page Six that Lohan was too demanding considering her current status in the celebrity world: "She's broke, sleeping at different guys' apartments, but she thinks she's Elizabeth Taylor."

Still, the smoking chicken idea wasn't going to fly with the 29-year-old actress who just recently wrapped up 127 hours of community service for a reckless driving charge. Another source reportedly told Page Six that they were  "gob-smacked" (yeah, because that's a word people use) that the commercial would dare poke fun at "her issues."

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