Marvel May Be Working on a Movie About Blade's Daughter

Marvel reportedly wants to make a movie about Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey.

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There's been talk and talk and talk about another Blade movie, and we're still here, waiting, sorely sequel-less. But there might still be life in this superhero series—Marvel Comics announced last month that they are working on a comic book series about Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey. The comics' release has been postponed, ScreenCrush reports, because Marvel "wants to ensure they really get the character right—because they want to put her on the big screen."

Don't take that as proof you will definitively see a movie about Blade's monster-ass-kicking daughter anytime in the near future. Marvel hasn't said anything yet, but admit it—it'd be pretty dang cool (and it's about time we see a black female lead in an action movie). Tim Seeley, the creator of Blade, calls Grey the "anti-Peter Parker." From ScreenCrush:


Tough luck. If Marvel wants to put her on the big screen, then maybe she could team up with her dad in Blade 4? Come on.

[via ScreenCrush]

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