What If 'Pulp Fiction' Starred Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp and Al Pacino Instead?

Some of Tarantino's original choices for the 'Pulp Fiction' cast were crazy.

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Pulp Fiction is a true classic in every sense of the word, ironclad in a way that it's hard to envision any other narrative structure or a different cast. Can you picture two other actors besides a resurrected John Travolta and a peak Samuel L. Jackson talking about quarter pounders on their way to perform a hit? Well now you can play What If because it appears that Quentin Tarantino's cast-wish-list has randomly leaked onto the net via reddit. If this is indeed legit the majority of Pulp's final cast were Tarantino's first choice picks. But regardless, the list does reveal some interesting choices for understudy, like Nicolas Cage as Pumpkin or Eddie Murphy as Jules. 

Peep this imgur link for a more extended (admittedly less authentic-looking) list that includes the rest of the characters.

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