A Master P Biopic, Made By Master P Himself, Is On the Way

Master P is next in line for the biopic treatment.

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With Straight Outta Compton releasing this weekend to critical acclaim, you can bet Hollywood is about to double down on the rap biopic as a viable genre to pursue and produce. But leave it to Master Percy Miller, ever the pioneer, to take matters into his own hands before waiting around for a big studio to come knocking. This guy is really about to make the term auto-biopic a thing because yes, the forthcoming movie about his rise and prominence is indeed being made by the man himself.

Of course, anything you think of today, Master P probably already did twenty years ago. He already dramatized his own story back in '97 in the hood classic, I'm Bout It. Maybe that's why the first official trailer for Ice Cream Man: King of the South suggests a more documentary-esque approach. As long as it includes everything from No Limit, his almost foray into sports, and Lil Romeo, we'll be there. Peep the trailer above, and stay tuned til the very end for a peek at the poster, which so immediately recalls classic absurdist No Limit Pen & Pixel album cover designs that the nod must be intentional. 

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