Amber Rose Will Guest Star on 'Black-ish'

Amber's headed to ABC.

Image via Instagram

Black-ish is giving Empire a run for its money on the special guest star wave. Both shows continued the long overdue reign of diversity on network TV with solid season premieres last week, and both are set to populate their sophomore seasons with a slew of famous guest stars eager to be a part of the phenomenon. Empire is clearly leading the pack with Chris Rock, Marisa Tomei, and Swizz Beatz in the season premiere alone and something like 87 more special guests to follow in the coming weeks. But the latest celebrity coming to mix it up with the Johnson family may have just givenblack-ish a boost in star power.

Amber Rose is coming to the series in all her buzzcut-dime glory, joining the ranks of Michael Strahan, Tyra Banks and Zendaya, and she's not even playing herself. Instead, she'll portray Dominique the ex-wife of Dre's dimwitted employee Charlie (Deon Cole). Even better? She makes her grand return to Charlie's life on the same night he finds himself baby-sitting the Johnson kids. Cannot wait to see Diane Johnson (brilliant child-actress Marsai Martin) square off with Amber. Catch up on black-ish if you're slacking.

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