Jordyn Woods' Relationship With Kylie Jenner Reportedly Hasn't Improved Since 'Red Table Talk'

The make-up mogul has yet to reconcile with former friend Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn woods attends French Montana Performance

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin

Jordyn woods attends French Montana Performance

Kylie Jenner continues to prove that blood is thicker than water as it has been reported that the make-up mogul has yet to reconcile with former friend Jordyn Woods

According to TMZ, those close to Woods claim that she and Jenner haven't made any steps towards fixing their friendship. In fact, communication between the two has stopped due largely to Woods' to her public conversation with "Aunty" Jada. Per sources, Woods' appearance on Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk rubbed the Kardashian/Jenner clan the wrong way. Instead of clearing the air like Woods' would've hoped, by denying that she slept with Tristan Thompson, Woods only added to the situation's murkiness. As a result, Kylie was forced to choose family over friendship.

However, Woods might not be as hurt over this as people think. Since returning to social media, the 21-year-old has liked several tweets and comments that allude to her self-sufficiency. Not only has she brought attention to posts that condemn companies and people that make it appear as though she "needs" Kylie's money, but she also highlights some motivational tweets that speak to her new journey.

Either way, it is clear that her connection with the Kardashian/Jenners has been severed. Kylie's team says that she is open to being amicable with Woods' in the future—even stating that Jordyn is welcome to come collect her things from Jenner's guest house—but Woods' betrayal of her sister is something she can never forgive. 

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