Kendrick Lamar Guest Stars in "Alright" Promo for 'Black-ish'

It's two minutes of hip-hop brilliance.

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ABC’s hit sitcom, Black-ish, is on a roll. After snagging Tyra Banks as a guest star for last week’s episode, the fictional Johnson family is adding Kendrick Lamar to their impressive list of famous cameos. The To Pimp a Butterfly rapper isn’t co-starring on next week’s episode, but he does appear in a catchy one-minute promo set to his popular song, “Alright.”

The Johnson children, Zoey, Andre Jr., Jack, and Diane, are attempting to create a viral video. So, they enlist K-Dot for their mission. In the promo, the entire Black-ish cast, including Tracee Ellis-Ross and Anthony Anderson, are in character as they rap the lyrics to “Alright.” Lamar also appears like he’s part of the family as he sits on a couch and eats out of a big red bowl. Scenes from several episodes are interspersed with the family’s spot-on rapping abilities.

Lamar is one of several rappers to appear on Black-ish. Jermaine Dupri and Diddy have both guest-starred on the show. Amber Rose made a recent cameo while Mary J. Blige appeared in the first season’s finale.

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