Zack Snyder Says 'Justice League' Won't Be as Dark as 'Batman v Superman'

Director Zack Snyder confirmed that his upcoming project 'Justice League' will be a bit lighter than 'Batman v Superman.'

Image via Warner Bros

The highly-anticipated 'Batman v Superman' movie hit theaters on Friday after a hyped-up rollout. Although critics weren't kind to the movie, it set the record for the largest worldwide opening of all time this weekend, racking in $424 million globally. Director Zack Snyder added a considerable amount of darkness to the box office hit, but we'll get a break from that with his upcoming project Justice League, which will be a bit lighter and more fun, according to Screen Crush

Snyder spoke to IGN about his brighter vision for Justice League, which is set to start filming in three weeks. After Snyder's wife Deborah initially said, "Justice League is a bit lighter," Snyder explained how he planned to achieve that. "One of the things that lightens it is having Flash and characters that are more optimistic. Batman v Superman in particular is two characters who are at a crisis of conscience that brings them together," he said.

Apparently Flash is the secret ingredient that's going to make the upcoming superhero crossover movie less grim than the Batman-Superman face offWonder Woman, who supplied a tinge of brightness in Batman v Superman, will be a main player in Justice League, which means she'll probably contribute to that lighter feeling as well. We need some real superheroes to chase away the shadow Batman v Superman cast, and it seems like Snyder has heard our request loud and clear.

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