Meet Lil Wayne's New Girlfriend Dhea

We did a little investigating and came up with some details.

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It's cuffing season for Lil Wayne. The superstar rapper has been running around Miami with a new chick for the past week and we like to investigate around here, so a few us pulled up some facts about Weezy's mystery woman.

Brendan found this tweet:

@TMZ: Lil Wayne's new lady? @LilTunechi” --her name's Dhea, she from Scottsdale worked at suedeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyAlex Navidi™ ®


Then Anthony found her Facebook. Dhea is of Italian descent and from Scottsdale, AZ. We don't know her last name. Although her profile lists it as Suede, as the tweet above mentions, that's just where she works—or, worked. We confirmed that and placed a location on Suede Restaurant & Lounge in her city Scottsdale. One of Dhea's pictures has her with a group of ladies in matching (work) uniforms. One of the girls tagged in the picture also lists her last name as Suede. Maybe we'll start changing our last names to Complex on Facebook.

Was this a little stalker-ish? Yes, but at least now you know. She might be the next Amber Rose or something. We'll keep you posted if we dig up anymore details.

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