Ryan Gosling Talks About the Time He Got Locked Up Back in 2011


Image via Focus Features

Don't let the pretty-boy features fool you. Ryan Gosling is a hoodlum with a seedy criminal record. Just kidding. But the actor/director did get into some actual trouble while doing some location scouting back in 2011 for his future directorial debut, Lost River

After wrapping production in Detroit on the George Clooney-directed The Ides of March, Gosling felt inspired by the gritty atmosphere to do some guerilla reconnaissance work with his digital camera hoping to snag some useable footage. All his lurking around abandoned factories and dilapidated houses appeared sketchy to passing by police, who detained the actor on suspicion to steal copper. 

Gosling was able to rationalize the blemish on his otherwise clean record: 

"I'm not proud that I was arrested, but it did give me one of the central pieces for the main character for [Lost River]."

Lost River is a neo-noir fantasy about a ruined city, a single mother, and her son who discover strange worlds and dark consequences. It stars Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks and is playing at South by Southwest this year. 

[Via The Hollywood Reporter 



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