Justin Bieber Has Yet To Complete Any Community Service While On Probation

Bieber hurt his foot, so community service will have to wait.

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Biebervelli might have turned over a new leaf and apologized to the American public for his recent string of rebellious behavior, but unlike fellow upstanding citizen Chris Brown, Justin has yet to complete even a single hour of the community service required for his probation agreement. The young Canadian superstar is currently on two-years probation for vandalizing his neighbor's crib in Calabasas with... egg yolk. 

The terms of Bieber's probation state that he must complete twelve anger management sessions as well as five days of community service. His attorney, Shawn Holley, attributed his client's lack of service to the community to a foot injury he sustained while playing soccer on vacation in Turks and Caicos. However, it seems Bieber is still in good standing with the court, as his probation officer confirmed in a report that Justin "has displayed a cooperative attitude and has expressed a sincere desire to be more diligent in completing anger management and community labor."

Mr. Bieber has already paid the egging victim $80,900 in punitive damages. Chump change to Mr. Calvin Klein, we're sure. 

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