New Study Ranks the U.S. Cities and States With the Most Attractive People

You may want to consider moving to New York.

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The United States is full of beautiful people, but there is no doubt that some areas are more blessed than others. Thanks to the dating app Clover, we can now see which ones ranked the highest.

After analyzing data from around the country, Clover revealed the cities with the most and least attractive men and women.

The women's results aren't surprising with the most beautiful city being the epicenter of models—New York, specifically Manhattan. According to the report, women in that borough are 2X more attractive than the national average. 

For the dudes, the majority of good-looking guys live in the Midwest with Montana, South Dakota, and Utah ranking as the top states. Jacksonville, Fla. took home the title of the most attractive city for men, with a 70 percent higher rating than the national average. 

As far as unattractiveness goes, guys should steer clear of Oklahoma and women should probably avoid New England entirely.

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