The HFPA Spelled Jon Hamm's Name Wrong on His Golden Globe

Jon Hamm's name was spelled wrong on his Golden Globe.

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Poor Jon Hamm. Well, actually no. The guy's been nominated for six Golden Globes for Mad Men, has won two, and got his first Emmy after years of being cheated. The thing is, his most recent Golden Globe, which he won just a couple of weeks back, isn't exactly for him.

While at Sundance, Hamm spoke with Starz and revealed that his named was spelled wrong on his Golden Globe. When you pronounce it, the Mad Men actor doesn't have the most difficult name, but writing it out could be a little tricky. On the Golden Globe it was spelled "John Hamm," with the added "h." It could have gone various ways though. Jon Ham. John Hamm. John Am. Jon Amm. Etc. 

Hamm is next set to appear in Keeping Up with the Jonses, a comedy starring Zach GalifianakisGal Gadot, and Isla FisherHe'll also star in a more serious picture, Aardvark, alongside Jenny Slate and Zachary QuintoWhile Hamm has yet to fully break into film, hopefully now that Mad Men has wrapped, he'll have a better chance. 

In terms of his name, you'd think he was famous enough by now that people would get it right. This is a learning lesson for us all.

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