Golden Globes, what a night. Offensive jokes from Ricky GervaisJ.Law and A. Schu debuting their BFFdom IRL, cringe-worthy jokes, burn-worthy outfits, etc., etc. And then a gem will appear by complete accident. Tonight's Golden Globes gem (aside from Jane Fonda's iconic date) is this Denzel Washington reaction shot to Jamie Foxx presenting the best film score award (he joked that Straight Outta Compton won; Ennio Morricone actually won for The Hateful Eight). It was a funny joke except maybe not so much to Denzel, who looks like he got a sudden pang of diarrhea. Thanks to the Internet, Denzel at the Golden Globes is now a meme (YET AGAIN). God bless:

Amazing, but let's never forget...

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