Everyone Was Trying to Test John Cena During His 'SNL' Monologue

'SNL' host John Cena had to fend off challenges from the cast in his opening monologue.

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John Cena is one of the hosts closing out 2016, making his debut with an opening monologue that poked fun at his wrestling profession and his aspirations into breaking into comedy.

Cena started the show by telling the audience he rehearsed a song that he wanted to sing with a New York Santa. However, various SNL cast members—Bobby Moynihan, Leslie Jones, and Kenan Thompson—all tried to challenge his strength as a wrestler by trying to go one-on-one with him. Complete with hilarious wresting entrances (Moynihan’s The Waddler got some high praise from Cena), it was only a matter of time until Cena pushed back. After all, he is a 15-time champ.

Watch Cena’s monologue above.

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