Apple Wins Lawsuit Against Samsung, Jury Awards Apple $1 Billion

Bad start to the weekend for Samsung.

The battle between Apple and Samsung has come to a close in the United States. The jury made its decision on the patent infringement case and ruled the Samsung did infringe on Apple's inventive technology. Samsung is expected to appeal the jury's award of $1.05 billion to Apple.

Originally Apple sued for $2.5 billion. In addition to money, Apple called for a ban of Samsung products in the United States. The judge will make a ruling on a ban of Samsung products at a later date. The victory in the United States gives Apple a huge upper hand as the most influential technology market. Earlier today in South Korea, the court ordered a ban on the Galaxy S II and nine other Samsung products, and banned four of Apple's products including the iPhone 4.

Do you think the jury made the right decision? Did Samsung copy Apple products? 

[via Reuters]

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