Review: "Racing Rivals" May Be the Boost of Speed Needed In the Mobile Genre

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We have all had that dream: we find ourselves behind a thick, leather steering wheel inside a tricked out ride; right hand on the shift drive ready to smoke our opponents at any moments notice. Don’t you dream about customizing your ride for that glorious moment?

Other drag racers like CSR Racing and Drag Racing have held the crown as the speed kings of mobile but Racing Rivals ups the ante with Racing Rivals in a partnership between Cie Games Nitto Tires. The meeting of minds brings us a new kind of drag racing game, which plans to take your iOS device to the next level of rubber burning.

The graphics hold an impressively high level of three dimensional polish and looks incredible for a mobile-based game. The cars don't look cartoony or pixelated which is a major plus when it comes to games on phones and tablets. Sure, we've come not to expect much in terms of the graphics in the mobile genre so this racer is welcomed with open arms.

At its core, Racing Rivals is all about customization. Whether you're customizing your car’s color or other aesthetic features, be assured you will get the highest visual detail possible. Players can upgrade everything from the car's suspensions to the clutch. As in real life, certain upgrades or parts might not work well with others. Creating a strategy for your car and trial-and-error and huge parts of this game, which also make it the most interesting.

"At its core, Racing Rivals is all about customization."

After you are done fiddling around with the ride's innards and cosmetic features, it’s time to hit the streets. The gameplay mechanics are fairly simple, You have to tap the shift at the correct time to get into the right gear. If you need a speed boost, NoS is there to save the race with a hit of nitrous oxide for a competitive edge. After every bout you collect in-game money to upgrade your car into the envy every other driver. So in addition to good timing, you'll have to manage your money and buy smart.

But what’s the fun in having the best car out there when your only competition is a programmed opponent? Racing Rivals is set in a multiplayer world where all of your opponents are real-life players. You can bet money on your races and—if you are feeling lucky—you can pink slip your ride and put it up for grabs. The built-in chat feature provides you with all the trash talking opportunities you can think of.

With more than 40 company branded cars—including BMW, Honda, and Mclaren—you can really personalize your game in Racing Rivals. The tweaking features are beyond anything we have seen before in the mobile racing genre. What makes it even better, is that Racing Rivals is free-to-play and is available now in the iTunes App Store.

Developer:Cie Games
Publisher: Cie Games
Platform: iOS
Release Date: August 29
Price: Free
Score: 9/10

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