Is This the Worst "Wheel of Fortune" Answer Ever?

Last night may have set a new low in the long history of Wheel of Fortune fails.

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Wheel of Fortune has produced many comical moments, as it seems people go on the show strictly to show off how awful they are at word puzzles.

While this brutal pronunciation and this triple fail are both contenders, last night we may have seen a new standard set for worst answer ever. In the above clip, a player named Stephen completely disregards the basic rules of the game as he turns the obvious answer of “surf city here we come” into “surf clay [or is it play?] here we go.”

Poor Pat Sajak keeps looking down at his cards and is just dying for someone to give the right answer for a solid 12 seconds before Stephen’s moment of horror, but he can’t quite will it to happen. Fortunately, Zlata comes in for the save at the end and puts an end to the shenanigans.

Add this one to the pantheon of Wheel of Fortune fails; we’ll be seeing it for a long time.

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