Here’s the “Why” Behind Last Night’s Shocking “Walking Dead” Finale

Showrunner Scott Gimple explained the "why" behind last night's shocking "Walking Dead" finale.

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*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, avert your eyes. Everything is about to get spoiled. If you either have seen it or don’t care, read on.*

Last night’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead saw a major shift in the landscape. Beth is dead, Maggie just lost another family member, Rick might be turning into Gareth, and Morgan may be close to reuniting with the group. Since these changes tend only to spawn new questions, EW managed to snag an interview with showrunner Scott Gimple to help you make sense of all these changes.

Regarding Beth’s death, he said “We absolutely wanted to tell this very tragic story of someone who found out that they were strong all along…that’s the tragedy, that the compromised person took her down, which is a very painful story.”

Beth’s death will obviously have a big impact on Maggie, who has basically watched everybody she cares about die at some point during the series. Gimple sees a larger impact beyond Maggie, however, when he says “This is going devastate [Maggie] and we’re going to peek into how she’s been processing everything. But she’s destroyed, and this group is devastated, and the emotional place we start them in the next half of the season, they’re all in a very dark place and things only get darker for them until things for them change in a huge way.”

How will this all manifest itself on screen? You’ll have to wait until the show returns on February 8.

[via EW]

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