Wait, There's Going to Be a "True Blood" Musical?

If you are sad about "True Blood" ending, fear not! There is a musical version in the works.

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True Bloodisn’t ready to go away just yet.

The seventh and final season of the popular HBO series will premiere this Sunday, but that doesn’t mean fans need to prepare themselves to say goodbye. According to a THR report, composer Nathan Barr (who has scored the entire series) said that he pitched a musical version of the show to HBO, and that it is likely to happen.

“I think we're really going to try to return to the roots of the show,” he said, which given all the twists and turns in seven seasons does make some sense. The musical will revolve around Sookie, the telepathic waitress currently played by Anna Paquin.

Stephen Moyer (who plays Bill Compton on the show) is quite the singing talent, as anyone who watched last year’s NBC version of The Sound of Music can attest. He has apparently been helping Barr put together musical samples and present them to the network and True Blood creator Alan Ball, although it's unclear what his involvement would be in the stage production.

While this bizarre extension of the True Blood brand is still several steps away from becoming a reality (they need to finish writing it, then workshop it extensively), Barr said that “There's no guarantees, but I think the direction we're heading in is really exciting.”

We can only hope that “exciting” means a puppet-based vampire musical.

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