This Amazing Letter from Stanley Kubrick to MGM, Sadly, Is Fake

A very angry letter from Stanley Kubrick to MGM that recently surfaced, while hilarious, is fake.

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Early this morning, director Jonathon Bowers posted this amazing letter from Stanley Kubrick on his Twitter page:

No one fucked with Kubrick...

Immediately and justifiably, the adoration for Kubrick poured out from all corners of the interwebs. But then the questions began to seep in. Did he really write that? Why are we just seeing this 44-year-old letter now? Is “Moonwatcher” really the name of one of the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

A few hours later, we received the saw news that unfortunately, the letter is indeed a fake:

Alas, the Stanley Kubrick letter to MGM is too good to be true. It is indeed a fake.

A sad day indeed. But we give points to whoever authored this forgery, as it is still absolutely hilarious and on point. Nobody wants a 2001: A Space Odyssey sequel.

[via Twitter]

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