Short Documentary Film Follows New York City’s Ferguson Protests

A short documentary captures powerful images from last week's Ferguson protests in New York City.

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After a Ferguson, Mo. grand jury declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown on November 25, protests swept across the country as people of all ages and races took to the streets to express their outrage. Protestors shut down the Lincoln Tunnel and numerous other parts of New York City, and director Aaron Stewart-Ahn was on hand with his camera to document the entire thing.

Set to an improvised piano track from Dev Hynes performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Ahn’s short film captures the peaceful yet powerful force of the protests. It also features several seemingly intentional lingering shots of an almost entirely white group of bystanders, many gawking at what they are seeing from the sidewalk.

[via Paper]

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