Queen Latifah Cancels Interview with Bill Cosby After Renewed Rape Allegations

Queen Latifah cancels an interview with Bill Cosby amid renewed rape allegations against the comedian.

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Looks like Bill Cosby won’t be getting the Queen Latifah bump for his new comedy tour.

After comedian Hannibal Buress brought up the myriad allegations of rape and sexual misconduct that have been leveled at Cosby throughout the years, Queen Latifah decided it would be best if she did not have Cosby on her show. Even though nothing new has surfaced, to even be associated with Cosby’s name right now is looking like a bad move.

QL is sensitive to bad publicity now especially because she has just been in the news for something good—she gave viral sensation Brendan Jordan VIP tickets to see Ru Paul, and if the video is any indication he was certainly quite pleased.

[via TMZ]

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