Memphis TV Station Accidentally Tweets a Pornhub Link

A Memphis TV station accidentally tweeted out an explicit link this morning #rockbone.

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Thanks to WREG in Memphis, Tenn., you’ll never look at the name #Rockbone the same ever again. OK, so you probably weren’t looking at #Rockbone that much to begin with. But still.

That’s because this morning, with thunderstorms peppering the greater Memphis area, the news station sent out the above tweet with a link to a Pornhub profile. It was deleted hastily, but the Internet never forgets.

The station was quick to apologize for the miscue:

Then they went for the oldest internet trick in the book: the “it wasn’t me, I got hacked!” tactic.

Nice try. You know who else wasn’t buying it? Pornhub:

At least WREG got something positive out of it with all the media attention, adding this to their timeline a short while later:

The lesson to be learned here: be careful about which tabs you keep open on your web browser, and with how you use the “ctrl + C” function. You never know when you’re going to accidentally share what you do in your private time with the world.

[via Mashable]

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