Kevin Hart Is Apparently Terrified of Roller Coasters

If you like watching Kevin Hart turn into a terrified, shrieking mess, check out this video of him riding a roller coaster.

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We’ll be perfectly honest with you: we don’t totally get Kevin Hart. Like, he’s short and sometimes funny, but he seems to just yell a lot without saying much of anything. That scene in The40 Year Old Virginwas pretty good, but that’s kind of where it ends.

Anyway, Hart was on last yesterday’s Tonight Show ostensibly to promote his upcoming movie Think Like a Man Two. (Side note: how did they crank out a sequel so fast? Didn’t the original come out like a year and a half ago?). The show is filming at Universal Studios this week, and Hart is quite terrified of roller coasters. Jimmy Fallon claimed to not care for them either, so together the duo set out to conquer their fear.

Apart from the predictably staged height joke, the segment is actually pretty funny. Hart’s terror at first doesn’t seem all that genuine, but once they hit the first drop, it gets very real.

And, if he really is faking it the whole time, then we are totally wrong about him. He is an amazing actor and will someday win an Oscar.

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