Here's the First Preview for the "Paddington Bear" Movie (Video)

The first trailer for "Paddington Bear" shows the beloved children's character getting into all kinds of mischief.

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After the first image from the film turned up on Tuesday, today we have a look at the first clips from the Paddington Bear film.

While some (OK, many) have suggested that the new version of Paddington is super creepy, he seems a lot more whimsical and silly now that the beloved children’s character has actually been brought to life on the screen. The preview contains some typical “fish out of water” hijinks in the bathroom, leading to a wild ride down the stairs in a bathtub.

While the yrailer doesn’t really explain how or why Paddington ends up in London, we’ll surely find out in due time. We also never get to hear Colin Firth, who will be voicing Paddington during his stay with the Brown family, and do not see Nicole Kidman, the innocent bear’s chief antagonist in the film.

The movie hits theaters on Christmas Day this year, and you can check out the preview above.

[via Indiewire]

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