George Lopez Mistaken for Hotel Housekeeping in New York

Comedian George Lopez was recently mistaken for housekeeping at a New York City hotel.

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Comedian George Lopez may not be an A-List celebrity, but he is certainly a very recognizable face in entertainment. As in, if you ran into him walking down the street, you’d probably know it was George Lopez.

Apparently, that is not true in New York City’s Dream Hotel. The comedian had his suit and shoes for the GQ Gentleman’s Ball delivered to his room, and he had a rather interesting interaction with the person bringing him his clothes.

Here’s his version:

“I got a Dolce & Gabbana suit and $3,000 shoes, but the struggle will still continue. Today at the Dream Hotel in Room 440, George Lopez had a Prada suit and sport coat, $10,000, delivered to me personally..I open the door, he gave me the suit and said, ‘You scared me. I thought you were housekeeping.'”

He definitely wasn’t, and the fact that he was getting a very expensive suit probably should have been a tipoff there. Come on.

[via Page Six]

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