David Duchovny Will Inspire You to Read

The synopsis of David Duchovny's book promises what may be one of the funniest story premises in recent memory.

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The countdown to February 3, 2015 is officially on.

The description of David Duchovny’s upcoming book Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale has been released, and it describes what can only be seen as a truly magnificent piece of art. The former X-Files and Californication star has written a book he previously described to Rolling Stoneas “a kids’ book and an adult book…a fable, like Animal Farm or Charlotte’s Web; an allegorical story using animals for people.”

OK, so that sounds intriguing, but plenty of famous people have tried self-indulgent projects outside their normal area of expertise and failed miserably. What’s to say this would be any different?

Well, here’s the synopsis of the book:

A rollicking, globe-trotting adventure with a twist: a four-legged heroine you won’t soon forget.

David, you had us at “flirting with neighboring bulls.” We also are curious to hear about Jerry/Shalom’s conversion to Judaism (it’s tough for pigs to be accepted, we bet) and why Tom the flightless turkey thinks he’s so suave.

We never thought we’d be so excited for winter, but thanks to Mr. Moody, we can hardly wait.

[via Vulture]

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