Creepy Clowns Are Wandering the Streets of One California Town

Creepy clowns are wandering the streets of one California town late at night. It looks just as scary as it sounds.

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So, this is horrifying.

In what seems like a scenario from American Horror Story: Freak Show come to life, a group of incredibly creepy clowns have taken to wandering the streets of Wasco, Calif. late at night. To what end? Nobody really knows.

People are (rightly) calling the cops, but sadly there are no laws on the books preventing people from dressing as clowns. There have not been any reports linking them to criminal activity…yet. 

Basically, this is either 1. a brilliant piece of performance art, or 2. the prelude to some sort of horrible crime. There can be no middle ground.

Here are some images of innocent people running into these creepiest of performers:


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