Bryan Singer Accuser Quietly Drops Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The sexual abuse lawsuit against Bryan SInger has been dropped, but is more legal trouble on the horizon?

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After seeing his image tarnished when he was sued four months ago by a man accusing him of sexual abuse, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer earned a small victory this week when accuser Michael Egan dropped his suit against him.

It’s a fitting end to a saga that started to unravel soon after it began. First, Egan dropped a similar suit against a different high-profile person in early June. Then, about a month ago, Egan’s attorney filed a motion to remove himself from all of Egan’s suits. Finally, on Wednesday a Hawaii court granted Egan’s motion to dismiss his suit against Singer entirely.

It’s not all good news for Singer, though; because the suit was “dismissed without prejudice,” Egan does have some legal wiggle room to re-file the suit at a later date. Singer’s attorneys objected, but were overruled by the judge who determined that Singer would not “suffer plain legal prejudice as a result of voluntary dismissal.”

This news also comes at a time where Singer is reportedly being investigated for yet another sexual abuse claim, this one stemming from a complaint filed on May 9 of this year. His representatives have yet to comment on this latest accusation.

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