“Between Two Ferns” Returns with a Gum-Obsessed Brad Pitt and a Confused Louis C.K.

"Between Two Ferns" returns, with Zach Galifianakis asking Brad Pitt about topics like Jennifer Aniston and Hitler.

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Perhaps the biggest lesson of this new episode of Between Two Ferns is that just because Zach Galifianakis is skinnier, that doesn’t make him any less likely to ask celebrities incredibly inflammatory questions.

Brad Pitt sat down with the comedian to promote his upcoming movie Fury, but instead was instead quickly told that “You look like Hitler’s dream.” Before things could get too out of hand, however, Galifianakis brought on some comic relief: Louis C.K., who performed a strange and awkward bit about Ebola, rats, and the subway.

Pitt played the part of bemused guest exceedingly well, proving that perhaps Galifianakis was wrong when he suggested to Pitt that he is “just a shitty actor.”

[via Funny or Die]

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