Things Are Not Going Well for Andy Dick

Last night, Andy Dick tried (unsuccessfully) to crash the premiere of "Blended."

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Think you’ve had a bad week? Talk to Andy Dick.

On Tuesday night, he showed up at the Dancing with the Stars finale “acting erratically, reeking of smoke and exhibiting eyebrow-raising behavior.” What was this behavior, you may ask? Well, according to the same People report:

He was running in and out of the ballroom every five minutes, saying, ‘I have to pee!’ Within the hour, he had lunged at a production staffer's breast.

So that’s pretty bad, especially given Dick’s long-standing battle with substance abuse. As he himself once said, "It's never good when I drink. No good comes from it. Ever."

That incident alone would make for a pretty awful week. But that is not where the story ends, unfortunately.

On Wednesday night, Dick attended the red carpet premiere for Adam Sandler’s new movie Blended, which currently sports a Rotten Tomatoes score of 9% and looks barely a shade better than Jack and Jill. In other words, this is not a place one would really want to be seen.

That is, nobody except for Andy Dick. According to the LA Times’ Amy Kaufman, Dick was posted up on the red carpet begging to be let in:

Andy Dick stuck behind barricade trying to get into the #Blended premiere. He just yelled "get me the f in bro" 2 Sandler, who is on carpet.

A short while later, she shared an equally sad photo via Instagram:

It does not appear Dick ever made it in, a crushing blow to an already wounded man. Although, when we think about it, at least he didn’t have to sit through the movie. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all?

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