Wife Destroys Cheating Husband’s BMW With a Hammer Because His Mistress Rode in it

Cheating husband's BMW gets wrecked by his wife and her trusty hammer.

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The scorned lovers hall of fame has got the woman who set her cheating boyfriend’s penis on fire and the woman who dumped all of her cheating boyfriend’s Apple products in a bathtub. A woman in Shenzhen, China, joins the hall of fame, not because she destroyed her cheating husband’s car (because anyone can do that, see: Carrie Underwood’s "Before He Cheats") but because it was a BMW worth two million Yuan or over $225,000. 

The unidentified woman was caught on video smashing the black BMW 740 with a hammer in public at around 6 p.m. local time on October 19. She reportedly smashed the car for 20 minutes saying, "This car is too dirty, a car that's used by a whore is too dirty." When a security guard tried to stop the woman from wrecking the car, thought to be parked in a lot outside of the cheating husband’s job, witnesses reported the woman said, 'This is my car, it's none of your business."

The woman even cut her hand on glass during the incident but kept going, reportedly asking onlookers for help because she wanted to smash the inside of the car as well. 

It’s believed her husband had just moved in with his mistress, which is why the woman wrecked the car. 

What a legend. 

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