Future Humans Could Grow Webbed Hands and Gills Predicts This Scientist

Humans of the future could have webbed hands.

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Studying our past ancestors has led to truly groundbreaking information such as why some people have allergies today and just how backstabbing led to the spread of the human race. But what’s to become of mankind in the future? One scientist has some predictions about what humans will look like in the future and it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. Death and Taxes better described it as "’50s horror movie monsters."

Paleoanthropologist Dr. Matthew Skinner of University of Kent made his predictions after SyFy asked him to in relation to their futuristic show Extant, as the Daily Mailreports. Dr. Skinner made predictions about how humans would evolve in three specific environments: a water world, on another planet, and during a second ice age. 

Dr. Skinner said, “We could genetically engineer ourselves if important enough to survive. Some of these things we might try to develop as a necessity rather than occurring over time naturally. Others could occur over tens of thousands of years.”

The first scenario, should the polar ice caps continue to melt because of global warming raising the sea level, would cause people to develop webbed hands, webbed feet, and gills, to better survive in that environment. The weirdest development would be what Dr. Skinner says is an extra eyelid to “protect the eye” as humans look underwater. 

During a second ice age people would become paler, due to the lack of sun, and hairier, to battle the temperatures. Meanwhile in space people could lose teeth, causing the mouth and face to shrink, were our diet to change to mostly liquids and other things that don’t require teeth. Additionally, because of the lack of gravity, Dr. Skinner predicts longer arms and shorter legs like orangutans. 

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