All-Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Will Be Led by Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock will reportedly star in the all-female 'Ocean's Eleven.'

Two-time FBI agent (Shoutout to Gracie Lou Freebush), on screen, anyway, Sandra Bullock, might find herself on the opposite side of the law for an all-femaleOcean’s Eleven, Indiewire reports. The film, the brainchild of late producer Jerry Weintraub, Steven Soderbergh, director of the Ocean’s trilogy, and George Clooney, star of said trilogy, has been in the works since fall of last year. It was actually alluded to by Amy Pascal, the then Sony chief, in an email leaked during the Sony hacks when she tried to hasten work on the all-female Ghostbusters film. 

Bullock’s casting comes as no surprise given her collaborations with Clooney, a long-time friend, including for her latest, Our Brand Is Crisis, produced by Clooney. A source told Indiewire that as of now the new Ocean’s film is set to be directed by The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross. It’s unknown if the new film will be a sequel and co-exist in the Ocean’s world or if it will be a reboot, or maybe even a spinoff. Sources did say Clooney might make a cameo in the film as Danny Ocean. 

Since we don’t know who the rest of the cast is, might we suggest Melissa McCarthy. Yes, she’s already starring in Ghostbusters but McCarthy was superb in this year’s Spy, and having already worked with Bullock on The Heat, we don’t see why these two shouldn’t get together again. 

[via Indiewire]

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