Footage of the Deadly House Raid That Led to El Chapo's Capture Released

Video of the raid that led to "El Chapo" being captured has guns, grenades, and more.

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El Chapo's recent dramatic arrest was preceded by a gunfire heavy raid led by Mexican marines which left five cartel members dead. The raid was likened to an "action movie" by 18-year-old Javier Torres who was, unbeknownst to him, a neighbor to Guzman in these months of hiding. "The gunfire...the helicopters woke us. There were lots of shouts," Torres told the Los Angeles Times. Video of that heart-stopping raid has been released and Guzman wasn't exaggerating. 

The Daily Mail reports Mexican TV channel Televisa was the first to show the footage. The raid of the Los Mochis home lasted three hours beginning at approximately 4:00 a.m. local time. There marines reportedly found 15 henchmen, but not El Chapo (more on that later), with machine guns and rocket launchers, fighting them off with grenades and gunfire as seen in the video. Of the five henchmen/cartel members dead one is said to have died after falling from a roof, according to Televisa. One marine was injured during the raid. 

In the video marines are seen shooting at what was El Chapo's bedroom on the first floor. El Chapo is said to have escaped through an underground tunnel hidden behind a mirror before marines arrived. Marines actually found another hole underneath the house's refrigerator which they say was going to become another escape tunnel. During the raid marines also arrested one man (seen on video) and found two women in a bathroom. 

Inside the house marines found "injectable testosterone, syringes, antibiotics and condoms" the Daily Mail writes. Additionally there were DVDs of Mexican soap opera La Reina Del Sur starring actress Kate Del Castillo as a female drug kingpin. As you know Castillo's production company was hired for El Chapo's biopic which led to his capture. He is expected to be extradited to the U.S. 

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