Murder Suspect Caught After Chase Led Him to Unknowingly Hide in Police Station's Dumpster

A murder suspect was caught after he hid in a police station's dumpster following a foot chase.

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New Orleans police accidentally caught a suspect of an October murder after the suspect was found hiding in a dumpster that, to his misfortune, belonged to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The New Orleans Advocatereported the chase that would lead to the arrest of 17-year-old Nas Jackson in addition to four others started at approximately 1:30 a.m. Thursday per an arrest report from Jefferson Parish Deputy Paul Carmouche. The report said a Honda Odyssey—later revealed to be a stolen car—was spotted speeding by a state trooper crashing soon after into the "expressway's side wall" The New Orleans Advocatewrites. From there a foot chase began when three people fled the car. Eventually authorities caught the youths after they ran into "a public safety complex that includes the JPSO Academy and Investigations Bureau" according to The New Orleans Advocate. When authorities caught Jackson he told them he was 16-years-old. "It's your job to find out. It's my job to lie," Jackson told police when they asked his name. He said his name was John Jackson before revealing his real name once he arrived to the Rivarde Juvenile Detention Center said authorities. 

With his complete name and fingerprints authorities discovered a warrant out for Jackson for the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Clarence Johnson on Oct. 12. Jackson remains in jail for trespassing, resisting arrest, and illegal possession of stolen things.

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