Man Who Mutilated Several Women’s Vaginas Kept Clitorises Stored in Freezer

Man who allegedly severed clitorises and kept them in his freezer faces charges.

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In news that will keep you up at night: A man in Bloemfontein, South Africa faces charges for severing several women’s vaginas, labeling them, and storing them in a freezer, the BBC reports.  

The man accused of severing at least 21 women, although reports vary, is 63-year-old Denmark native and gun shop owner Peter Frederiksen. Authorities arrested him in September when the 21 clitorises were found packaged in plastic bags in his freezer. The BBC says police think Frederiksen stored them as “trophies.”

Frederiksen, who calls the accusations “totally unfounded,” allegedly sedated victims before mutilating them, a police statement cited by the Independent read. His victims are thought to be mainly from Lesotho. Frederiksen’s victims included his estranged wife Anna Matseliso Molise who was going to testify against him the Independent said, but she was fatally shot last month. The Agence France-Presse said no one has been arrested for Molise’s murder.

As for Frederiksen, the Express says he faces charges such as sexual assault and violations of medical laws. 

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