Forget Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio Is Apparently Now Hooking Up with Rihanna

Hi, Rihanna.

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ICYMI Taylor Swift has made it her mission to wrangle Pussy Posse president, Leonardo DiCaprio, by earning his love through cooking and way-too-eager-yet-genuine love letters. But it seems like these efforts are for naught since Leo is rumored to be hooking up with Rihanna.

Naturally the two found love in a hopeless place, the Playboy Mansion, on Saturday, when they reportedly made out during a party. Swift, crushed by the news, opted to show Leo she could hang with the best of ‘em by partying with her own pussy posse (Selena Gomez, Lorde) after the Golden Globes yesterday. 


RiRi’s latest conquest comes on the heels of her recent cozy hang out with none other than Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal, whom you’ll recall dated Swift, (The exes nearly crossed paths at a Globes party) turning this love triangle into a square?   

But Gyllenhaal might have the upper hand here since he went home empty handed at the Globes last night, creating the opportunity for RiRi to console him. It’s too bad Leo isn’t up for any Oscars this year or he would have it in the bag. 

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