Who wouldn't want to keep their wild nights taking home 20 girls and throwing birthday parties where the guest list is mostly models when they could have a girlfriend who breaks up with them and then writes a song about it?

Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s who. At least, that'll be true if Taylor Swift gets her way.

The National Enquirer is reporting that T-Swift has decided that Leo is to be her next boyfriend/song inspiration, and would like to meet with him so she can “put him to the test.” Um, Taylor? That’s not how this works. Leo summons you, and if you’re really lucky, he’ll let you join his stable of lovely ladies. 

You think this guy who sleeps with models even though he’s also sporting a disgusting beard and cargo shorts is looking to settle down? No chance. Hanging out with T-Swift sounds great and all, but if you’re Leo you’re probably cool with the steady stream of beautiful women fighting over you.

It’s no wonder a Leo source told the Enquirer that the rumor was “dumb.” Just stop it, Taylor. Why would the guy who dances like this...

...date someone who dances like this?

Come on. That makes about as much sense as your average National Enquirer story.


[via Gawker]