Jeff Bridges Falls Victim to “Big Lebowski” Internet Hoax

The internet lied.

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Jeff Bridges, who is currently working on Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight, when he's not lulling you to sleep, just learned a hard truth: everything on the internet isn’t true. Before you tear up Bridges for being gullible think about how many times you’ve believed a viral news story clogging up your Facebook feed that in fact turned out to be fake. Exactly. So you can’t blame the Dude

Bridges told WENN that he reportedly heard a rumor about a Big Lebowski sequel to the Coen bros. classic and went so far as to call his agent about it, only to be told it was a lie. 

The rumor, pinpointed to the National Report, one of many fake news sites, said the sequel would feature Bill Murray, which made Bridges particularly excited. 


"I was excited! I had to call my agent and say, 'Hey, what's happening?’” Bridges said.”…I don't think they would do that, the Coen Brothers, but they're always surprising us. So maybe they would, you never know.”

Well, Jeff, no one ever imagined a female reboot of Ghosbusters happening and look where we are now.

[via Antiviral]

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