Jean-Claude Van Damme Joining the “Kickboxer” Remake

Jean-Claude Van Damme joins the cast.

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Jean-Claude Van Damme may be an aging action star, most notably seen in The Expendables 2, as of late. Because no one actually watched Welcome to the Jungle. Please don’t kick our ass, JCVD! But he’s still surprising us. Take this stunt where he did a split between two moving tractor trailers, and now, with his role in the Kickboxer remake of the movie that made him a star.

The “Muscles from Brussels” will be flexing as a martial arts master in charge of training a guy trying to avenge his brother’s death. Van Damme is taking over for Tony Jaa,who had to leave the project.

JCVD’s addition to the cast might make the movie worth watching. Plus, the beastly Dave Bautista—who killed in Guardians of the Galaxy—will be playing the villain. 

[via Empire]

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